Jacksonville Marble Polishing

Jacksonville Marble Polishing 


Jacksonville Marble Polishing is what we do best at Fabric and Tile Masters. Fabric and Tile Masters is located in Atlantic Beach, and we provide professional marble and granite refinishing in Jacksonville. 


Fabric and Tile Masters provides excellent Jacksonville Marble Polishing. In the videos below we demonstrate the methods we use.


The methods we use to refinish stone almost always include the use of abrasives. Powders, disks, brushes and pads are used to remove scratches, etching and general wear. Damages are unique to each stone and require a unique approach. 


Fabric and Tile Masters has refinished many local stone instillations. Below we have a few of those that show how we transform the stone back to a factory polish finish. The process requires knowing how to use the tools at hand to complete the transformation. 


The first video is of a marble counter top that was dull, scratched and etched with low pH chemicals. It is a Calacutta Gold marble. The result is a beautiful finish that in this case is probably better than the one it came with from the factory.



Jacksonville Marble Polishing by Fabric and Tile Masters has another video of a marble refinishing of a beautiful travertine floor, the likes of which I have never seen. It is without a doubt a one of a kind travertine. This stone required we transform it from a honed (matt) to a polish finish. You can see the diamond grinder as it removes a slight about of the tiles surface so we can start over by going though a grit progression. Typical this progression will include 120, 220, 400, 800 grit honing passes until the polish finish is realized. 



This final video is of a Carrara marble floor Fabric and Tile Masters polished. It sows some before and after pictures of this truly magnificent and classic floor. 




Here is a beautiful coffee table we refinished that was damaged by acid etching:





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