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The Best Granite Polishing Services in Ponte Vedra

Fabric and Tile Masters is located in the beach area, and is uniquely suited to make the process of Granite Polishing in Ponte Vedra very simple.  We have the technical expertise as well as the ability to give free estimates that makes our service so simple. Since we are in Ponte Vedra every day, we are able to give estimates at a moments notice.

The process of restoring granite is typically divided into two categories:

  1. the granite is scratched or damaged to the point the counter will have to be honed using abrasives to restore the finish
  2. the granite needs attention but is not so badly damaged that it needs abrasives

If the counter needs abrasive restoration we are able to do this with no problem. The following video is of a dark colored granite. This is the hardest one to refinish because of the hardness of the black stone. Many customers have selected our company to complete granite polishing because of this video.

Granite is far harder to work with than most people realize. There are a lot of companies today that have the idea that refinishing granite is simply a process of wiping the counter clean and then applying a sealer. This often turns into a disaster we are called on to correct. If you donot use us be sure the company you have chosen has references. We have an extensive list of granite polishing customers in Ponte Vedra.  There are also many out of town franchise companies that advertise on the internet. These companies are mostly offer good work, but are challenged by distance to provide you the level of service you require.

The following is a short video of a recent stone refinishing job we did that had shower, counters and a floor.

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I am the owner and founder of Fabric & Tile Masters and have decades of experience with all of the categories I write about. We refinish stone walls, counter and floors every day.

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