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Granite is the perfect material for kitchen counter tops. The reasons for the stone’s suitability:

  1. Durability. Granite is virtually indestructible. If it is installed correctly, I can’t think of an interior finish that will outlast it.
  2. Unique colors and patterns. There are hundreds of varieties of marble available in colors that will match any interior finish.
  3. Affordability. Because of the current depressed builder market, there are some excellent deals available on granite counters. You still need to seek references and be sure you are hiring a company that knows what they are doing.

The following questions about granite are the main ones asked by homeowners:

Do we need to have the granite sealed every year?
The answer to this is usually no. If you test the granite to see. If it needs sealer (place a small amount of water on the stone and if it penetrates the stone and darkens the stone it needs a sealer) one application should be adequate for many years.

Does the granite need to be polished yearly?
Not really. Under normal circumstances, there are very few ways for granite to loose its polish finish. Under these circumstances it may become necessary to refinish using abrasive diamond disks.

The main thing I try to tell homeowners about granite is that there is one main substance that will ruin the counter. This is a common household cooking ingredient that even the best sealer will prevent for only a matter of hours. The threat to granite is ordinary cooking oil. It will penetrate and stain the stone, with little hope of removal. Sealers are great at providing a level of oil resistance, but over a matter of hours, the oil will penetrate. There are several liquid and solid food and drinks that are a threat to marble, but granite is impervious to most of them.


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