Granite Floor Polishing Jacksonville

Granite Floor Polishing Jacksonville


Our company, Fabric and Tile Masters, does Granite Floor Polishing every day.  We are the primer source for this service and are recommended by stone retailers, distributors and fabricators throughout North Florida and South Georgia.

Granite floor polishing is as close to an art as we get here at Fabric and Tile Masters. We process drapery, carpet and upholstery cleaning and these surfaces have their own challenges, but stone refinishing is different from these because every job is unique. No two stone installations are exactly alike. Each project requires the operator to bring his experience (many times never having worked on the type of stone at hand)  all the while satisfying a demanding customer base. Part of this process includes helping the customer visualize the potential of the stone floor or counter that is currently degraded by scratches and etching.


Fabric and Tile Masters wet diamond grinders


The granite floor  polishing process is accomplished by using honing powders, brushes or diamond discs mounted on a floor machine or an angle grinder for counters. The stone that is encountered is always different. Marble for example is softer than granite, and there are a variety if hardness among marbles. All stone is worn at different rates and the desired finish is based on what the customer wants. Even this gets cloudy on occasional as a customer can have a hard time choosing the hone finish grit level. It could be too shiny or not shiny enough. Some polish finished marble will not generate the same gloss level as others you have done.

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Marble Polishing process



For the consumer, the most important factor in selecting a company to deal with these challenges is to ask the granite polishing contractor some of the following questions:

  • do you have references, both in my neighborhood and in the distribution channel that can verify you are successful at a project of this scope.
  • what type of equipment do you have
  • how long have you been refinishing stone.
  • do you have a license, liability insurance and workers comp
  • could you show me some before and after pictures of your work.

For stone refinishing Fabric and Tile Masters is truly your best bet, and we hope you include us in the plans for your upcoming projects. Please visit our mainsite to see more about how we operate.

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