Carpet Cleaning Jacksonville, FL

Carpet Cleaning Jacksonville, FL

Carpet cleaning Jacksonville today requires a different skill set than it did even 10 years ago.

There are several things that complicate the carpet cleaning, but the biggest one has got to be the explosion over the last 10 years of white/off white carpet installs. Years ago when I first got into the carpet cleaning business homes were carpeted with a variety of colors – greens, mauve, blue made up the bulk, but there were also rust, browns and even red. Today when we see a colored carpet, we congratulate the owner and tell them they are indeed a rare breed. I would guess if we knocked on 100 doors in our market we would see less than ten with color.

The reasons (and these are anecdotal BTW) for this I believe are twofold: 1- if you are moving (and everybody is moving up these days) a neutral color will make the house easier to sell. 2- the advent of the stain resistant warranty. This also includes the fact some fibers like olefin are sold as stain resistant.

Also what complicates the carpet cleaning is that there are so many people that are at home all day.  Retirement, unemployment, home offices all cause use to be greater than in days gone by when everybody went to work at 730 and returned home at 530.

So how to deal with the soiled white carpet that the owner is careless with because they have a stain resistant warranty and are home all day because their office has been transferred.

It is our opinion that the elements of carpet cleaning must be used as never before. A few of these elements:

  1. Vacuuming before cleaning – this is best done with a commercial pile lifter.
  2. Pre conditioning using a device that will agitate and lubricate the entire fiber. For this we believe the Cimex is the only product we know of that actually cleans all sides of the fiber because the deck spins both clockwise and counter clockwise.
  3. A chemical needs to be applied that will a- clean the carpet and b- not be too high a ph as to void the stain resistant warranty
  4. Time for the preconditioner to dwell in the carpet so that the chemical will work. Cleaners will ignore this requirement more than any other.
  5. Heat during the extraction process. Notice how many steps we talk about before we even consider using the heated extraction. For me, the extraction is more a finishing step than a sole method of cleaning the carpet.

If the carpet cleaning uses the above factors in proper combination, the cleaning will be excellent.


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