Terrazzo Tile Cleaning

Let Us Professionally Clean Your Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo is a flooring material with marble or granite chips set in concrete. The materials are then polished for a smooth surface. Over time and after regular use, Terrazzo floors are subject to stains or grime that can be difficult to remove. When do-it-yourself cleaning methods fail you, professional terrazzo tile cleaning can help make your floors shine brightly again!

About Terrazzo Tile

The combination of marble or granite chips and concrete creates smooth and luxurious floors, countertops, and other surfaces. Together, the materials capture a unique beauty in an affordable way.

While the marble or granite chips are durable, the cement is porous and subject to stains, especially when used for flooring. Finishing sealers are applied to help terrazzo floors resist stains and keep liquids from penetrating the surface. Over time, the sealant may appear dull or dirty and will need to be cleaned or stripped and reapplied to keep your floors looking new.

Terrazzo Tile DIY Cleaning Methods

The internet is full of DIY methods to keep your terrazzo floors looking bright. For regular cleanings to keep your floors looking good, follow these basic steps:

  1. Sweep the floor to remove loose crumbs, dirt, and debris. Use a dry mop if the floor is dusty.
  2. Wet a mop with water or a neutral cleaner and let it sit on the floor for several minutes to dissolve dirt. The entire floor surface must stay wet or loose dirt will dry on the floor.
  3. Rinse the floor with clean water or wet vacuum and remove the dirty water. An additional rinse may be necessary.
  4. After the floor is dry, buff the surface to restore the shine.

Are Your Terrazzo Tiles Too Dirty to Clean Yourself?

Hire a Professional for Terrazzo Tile Cleaning

At Fabric & Tile Masters, we specialize in cleaning and restoring terrazzo tile floors and surfaces. Through proven methods and specialized equipment, we can remove dirt and stains while protecting the condition of your floors.

Whether your floors are new or old, we evaluate each surface to ensure the right cleaning methods are used for best results. When your DIY methods fail, call Fabric & Tile Masters for prompt, professional service and amazing results.

Our Terrazzo Cleaning Work

Call Fabric & Tile Masters for Terrazzo Tile Cleaning Today

Don’t live with dirty floors another day. Whether you bought a home with existing terrazzo flooring or your floors are well-loved, impress your friends and neighbors with a clean, smooth surface. Eliminate stains and markings by making an appointment with Fabric & Tile Masters today. We can also resurface and seal your terrazzo floors to protect the shine for many years of use.

The Fabric & Tile Masters Process: How We Work

When you call Fabric & Tile Masters, here’s what you can expect:

  • An experienced technician will be sent to your home at the scheduled appointment time.
  • We bring the equipment and solutions needed to clean and restore your specific tile.
  • We work quickly and efficiently so you can get back to your day.
  • Our policy: no mess left behind. We clean up after ourselves and leave your floors better than we found them.
  • We guarantee you’ll love the results!

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We serve all of Jacksonville and North Florida—if you want professionally cleaned terrazzo that will look brand new and will impress your friends and neighbors—contact Fabric and Tile Masters today to schedule tile cleaning services for your Jacksonville area home.

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