Fabric Odor Removal Jacksonville


Are tough odors and stains ruining the allure of your favorite upholstered furniture, draperies, or rugs? Are you embarrassed to invite friends or family over because of unpleasant smells?

Don’t be embarrassed by unwanted odors or smells in your home any longer. At Fabric & Tile Masters, we’re the local experts on eliminating tough odors or stains due to molds, mildew, pets, food residues, and more. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help fix your odor problem.

Professional Fabric Odor Removal – Remove Tough Odors for Good

Pet stains, food, mildew, grime, water damage, smoke – you name it. Our technicians can remove any tough stain or odor and leave your fabrics or carpets looking clean and smelling fresh.

With over two decades of experience, our top-of-the-line fabric odor removal services will neutralize stubborn pet odors. By eliminating foul odors now, you can protect your fabrics against future damage from stains or odors left untreated.

If you have difficult odors or stains you haven’t been able to remove with traditional methods, now is the time to call Fabric & Tile Masters for help.

What You Can Expect from Fabric & Tile Masters

Working with us is easy. You can request a FREE odor removal quote online or call us for a quote and to schedule an appointment. When you choose Fabric & Tile Masters, you receive:

  • Prompt, professional service at your scheduled appointment time.
  • A thorough examination of your draperies, rugs, or upholstered furniture.
  • A special UV light source is used to detect exact locations of bad smells.
  • Specialized odor removal equipment eradicates stubborn odors and stains.
  • Thorough cleaning of detected areas. If smells or odors persist, we’ll address the problem by providing you the best options for remediation.

Are you concerned about cleaning expensive or delicate fabrics? No problem. We’re experienced at working with high-end, delicate fabrics and conduct a detailed examination of all fabrics, upholstery, and rugs to assess safe restoration. Our methods are gentle on delicate fabrics which allow us to clean and deodorize fabrics or rugs you may have been told are too difficult to clean.

Need Help with Tough Odors and Stains? Call the Jacksonville Fabric Odor Removal Experts Today

No more excuses when friends or family stop by. Strange odors don’t have to be an embarrassment any longer with Fabric & Tile Masters. Call the Jacksonville fabric odor removal experts to assess your fabrics and remove difficult stains and odors.

Call our Jacksonville office at (904) 221-9550 to speak with an experienced fabric cleaning and odor removal specialist. We’ll talk about your odor issue and offer solutions to solve your problem. For a fast and convenient quote, request a professional odor removal quote online.

With the right equipment and years of experience, no odor issue or stain is too difficult for Fabric & Tile Masters.

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