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Thanks to Concrete Polishing, concrete floors have moved out of the garage and are showing up in luxury homes all around Jacksonville. 

Sometimes that style-defining element of surprise is found in the flooring. More Jacksonville-area homeowners are forsaking the ubiquitous hardwood floor and discovering the charm — and yes, the warmth and versatility— of a polished concrete floor.

If you think concrete floors are just for warehouses and urban, loft-style bachelor pads for the rich and famous, you’re missing out on some of the most beautiful flooring options in the world right now. Ready to find out more? Here’s what you’re in for if you choose polished concrete flooring for your Jacksonville area home.

Learn about Concrete Floor Polishing

Whether Your Concrete Floors are Rustic, Rich, or Minimalist, Concrete Polishing Restores Their Looks

If you have concrete floors in your home you know something others don’t: just how incredibly versatile concrete floors can be. Concrete flooring can complement your walls, your furniture, or your fixtures — concrete flooring acts as a virtual chameleon of flooring solutions, taking on any number of different looks to match your home’s design. Whether it’s the weathered patina of an earthy metal fixture or the rich texture of a custom tile job in the kitchen, concrete floors can be customized to match.

But it’s not enough to just have concrete floors installed.

Your Concrete Floors Could Use a Facelift

If the flat look of an original concrete floor isn’t serving your needs any longer, it’s simply a matter of having a concrete polishing service come in and refresh the look. Choose from any number of colors and shine levels. You can even choose how much of the aggregate you’d like to bring out with the polishing process.

From lots of experience with homeowners and business owners alike, an expert service like ours knows exactly how to tweak the mechanical process. We go for the right amount of exposure of the natural materials in your concrete so you get precisely the look you’re after. Go for a smooth, unicolor look or go for full exposure and enjoy the variegated patterns of aggregate that exist within any concrete floor.  There are also endless options in between, for a partially exposed aggregate surface.

Preserve your investment in one of the most durable and long-lasting types of flooring in the world. By having your concrete floors mechanically polished by a professional service, you’re not only upgrading the look of your home — you’re helping maintain the beauty and durability of your investment.

The mechanical polishing service is both an aesthetic transformation and a valuable protection for your concrete floors. Protecting the surface with a dense, highly-polished layer is the best thing that ever happened to a concrete floor. It takes the already durable concrete and densifies the top layers, resulting in an even stronger, even longer-lasting flooring surface in your home.  

And shouldn’t an investment grow with you throughout the stages of your life? Styles change, you want a new look, you get new furniture, you want an updated color scheme… your investment should accommodate those stylistic changes, not hinder them. Having your concrete floors polished means you can add color, design, or different levels of sheen.

Got Windows? A Newly-Polished Concrete Floor Will Capture the Natural Light

Most people don’t realize how incredibly radiant a newly-polished concrete floor can look, especially when you opt for the high sheen polish. The light that comes in through your windows bounces off the highly-polished sheen. This magnifies the effect of the natural light and lends a bright, airy feel to your entire room.

For business owners, the high polish is perfect because it lends an air of fresh, clean proficiency and a professional image. In larger spaces, the reflectivity of the polished floor can even help reduce utility bills by reducing the need for indoor lighting.  

Other finishes can work the same magic with the light but on a less intense scale.  Homeowners opting for the satin sheen, for example, can enjoy a softer sheen and a more gentle reflection of the light. This option is great for bedrooms or family rooms.

Then there’s the matte finish, which is popular in bedrooms because of its ultra-soft light reflecting properties. Whichever polish you choose, it will work to naturally enhance the natural light coming in through your windows.

At Fabric & Tile Masters our #1 priority is providing homeowner’s with the best concrete floor polishing & restoration services in the entire Jacksonville area.

Our concrete flooring professionals will make your concrete floors look brand new.

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Our Concrete Polishing & Restoration Process

Live a Life of Inspired Design, Starting With Your Floors

Concrete floors are durable and low maintenance — but low maintenance does not mean “no maintenance” — if you want to keep your floors from looking grey and dull, you need professional concrete floor cleaning services.

Our floor polishing pros will restore your concrete floors to their original brilliance, they will look as stylish as the day they were installed!

We have specialized equipment that allows us to finely grind and polish your floors

Concrete Floor Grinding

The first part of our process begins with grinding your concrete flooring remove dirt, residues, and any other odd stains that may be present.

Concrete Floor Polishing & Staining

Next we will move on to resin-bonded diamond grinding pads — this will prepare the floor so we can bring it to an exceptional shine. At this point we can also add stain to change the colors of your floors if you’re wanting that. The floors will be left to densify and will be ready for the final, full polish

Final Concrete Floor Polish and Sealing

Finally we move on to the full polish which will allow us to bring your concrete floors to the desired level of shine and brilliance you’re looking for. We can give the floors anything from a highly polished, gleaming shine to a flat matte finish. Once your floors are shined we’ll seal the concrete to give you polishing longer life.


concrete polishing jacksonville before and after

Concrete Floor Polishing FAQs

Polished concrete floors are a great flooring alternative, but to maintain the desired look we must mechanically grind and polish your floors through set of steps we will outline with you before starting work. The number of grinding and polishing steps we take will determine the final polish and hardness of your floors.
We can come and look at your floor — simply call us and we’ll set up a time to come over and take a look. With our experience and expertise, we’ve found that just about any existing concrete floor can be polished but there are some cases where circumstances just do not allow it.One example would be a floor with a lot of “waves”. Some floors are just too porous, making them unsuitable candidates for polishing. A trained eye can give you an idea of what your options will be. In some cases, we can apply a hardening agent to the first few layers of your concrete floor. We can go over your options after a consultation where we examine your actual floors to give you a customized recommendation.If you’d like to schedule a consultation now, we can set that up for you whenever you like. Call us at (904) 221-9550 — we’ll have a trained expert meet you, go over your floors, talk about your plans. Remember, a trained eye with lots of experience knows what’s possible and can help you visualize your new space. We look forward to every project like it’s our first, but with the experience of hundreds of jobs well done behind us!
Yes, our concrete flooring professionals will be able to patch and repair cracks and small spalls and pockmarks that appear in concrete over time.
Just as with any other item in your home, over time concrete floors will lose their luster and while they remain strong and durable for a long time, they can still end up with cosmetic defects. Polishing your concrete floors returns floors to their new appearance and can be used to fix cosmetic defects.
Although a brilliantly polished concrete floor looks slick and even 'wet' polished concrete is no more slippery than regular concrete flooring. Testing has determined that polished concrete floors meet and often exceed OSHA standards for slip resistance.
The equipment we use is designed to be used in homes and small businesses. Our team is knowledgeable in handling the machines and proficient in maneuvering them in tight spaces for minimal impact on your home life!
Our mechanical, dry grinding process is a remarkably clean process. With a dry-grind process and a vacuum system used alongside the grinder we are able to contain the vast majority of the dust created in the process. The remaining dust is easily swept up. There is also little to no odor present from things like epoxy, or glues that are used in other flooring applications.
Similar to our other floor polishing services, we use a multi-step process to first clean the surface of your floor then gradually use other fine grits to make the floor smoother and ultimately seal the surface of the floor. Once we've gone through the entire polishing process we have fixed the pitted surface of your floor — this allows light to reflect off the polished floor giving it a shiny, slick look. The concrete itself is being made so smooth it reflects light.
Yes. Generally speaking polished concrete is stain resistant, but concrete is a porous material and some harsh solutions can get into the pores and leave stains or cause etchings. Sealing the floor will allow most stains to stay at the surface of the concrete without penetrating and leaving a stain.
Polished concrete floors are one of the most durable and easy to maintain floor systems available. You should not need to do any aggressive cleaning or use harsh chemicals to maintain your floors. The best daily maintenance you can do is to dust mop to remove any dirt and debris.
Polished concrete floors can be walked on immediately after — and even during — the polishing process. We normally ask that you remain off them while we're working just to avoid being injured by our equipment and to allow us to get your job done in the best fashion possible.If we are using a sealer we would ask that you wait approximately 30 minutes to an hour to ensure the sealant is dry before walking on your floors.
Unlike hardwood floors, the high-polished sheen of a concrete floor isn’t more susceptible to scratching. The sheen is the concrete itself, polished to a fine degree of shine. You may be thinking of hardwood floors that have had a polyurethane coating applied over them. That type of coating is easily scratched by pet paws, high heels, and other effects of daily living.Not the case with polished concrete floors! The surface will actually become strengthened by the mechanical process of grinding the outer layers of the concrete.
Normally concrete floors in homes aren't exposed to harsh chemicals or corrosive materials. Epoxy flooring and other floor coatings are generally used in commercial settings. But even so, polished concrete flooring will save money in the long run as coated floors will need to have the coatings reapplied regularly. Polished concrete has nothing on its surface and the lifespan of simple polished concrete floors is great than that of almost all floor coatings. Additionally there are no VOCs used (which can be harmful to your family).

Call Fabricmasters today to get a Beautifully Polished Concrete Floor

​Allow our concrete polishing professionals give you a high-quality polished concrete floor in your Jacksonville home. Polished concrete floors are easy to maintain, and they’ll last a lifetime.

We use our state-of-the-art grinding equipment which allows our technicians to be able to bring out the beauty of both new and old concrete floors. Our floor polishing process will leave you with a smooth, almost glass-like finish, so your polished concrete floor looks amazing.

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Looking for a low-maintenance, sustainable for flooring? Polished concrete floors are low hassle, eco-friendly, and incredibly easy to maintain. Unlike vinyl flooring, polished concrete doesn’t require waxing and stripping every year to maintain its appearance.

Polished concrete floors offer a luxurious and modern aesthetic for homes. They enhance natural light indoors due to their high reflectivity and save energy by reducing artificial lighting. No matter how much traffic comes through your home, polished concrete floors are resistant to scratches and stains making them a great choice for high-class homes and busy families with children and pets.

While polished concrete floors are extremely durable, regular care and professional polishing will make sure your floors stay luxurious and shiny for many years. Even though concrete floors aren’t maintenance-free, they’re easier to maintain than alternative decorative floor types (i.e. no waxing or sealing).

Use these easy maintenance tips to care for polished concrete and increase the lifespan of your floors.

Clean Concrete Floors with Microfiber Cloths

Use a microfiber cloth or pad to clean polished concrete floors and remove dirt particles. Since concrete has soil as an ingredient, it functions as an abrasive and can attract dust. As dust accumulates, it can dull the shine and clarity of your concrete floors. Dust or mop your floors at least once a week to maintain its shine.

Mopping Polished Concrete Floors

Just like tile or linoleum flooring, it’s a good idea to mop every so often to remove surface dirt and restore the shine. Make sure to use a clean mop and clean water. Swiffer mops or bucket mop cleaning are the easiest ways to clean concrete floors in residential homes. Avoid using harsh cleaning chemicals which could damage the floor.

Use a Neutral Floor Cleaner

If your concrete floor sees heavy traffic and high amounts of dirt, it’s recommended to use a neutral floor cleaner for wet mopping. Plain water isn’t always sufficient in removing dust and dirt from the floor. A neutral cleaner will get rid of dirt and debris easily and restore the shine.

Don’t Let the Cleaner Dry to the Surface

If the cleaner dries to the surface, it may leave a residue making your floors appear dull or dingy. Make sure it doesn’t become dry by dividing the floor into small areas to clean. Mop each area thoroughly before proceeding to the next.

Take a Systematic Approach to Cleaning

When cleaning large concrete floor surface areas, mop one area and gradually moving to the next in proper sequence. By using this approach, you won’t miss a single area in the cleaning process.

Wipe Up Spills Quickly

Whenever spills occur, wipe them up as soon as you notice it. Materials could be absorbed by the concrete surface and lead to a decay of the floor.

Use Neutral pH Solutions

Avoid using acidic solutions such as citrus cleaners, ammonia, bleach, pine cleaners, and vinegar. These are not pH neutral cleaners and can be harmful to concrete floors.

Keep Your Concrete Floors Polished

Polish your concrete floors every few years to prevent them from becoming dull and to maintain their luxurious, bright shine. Through professional polishing and refinishing services, your floors will have an almost glass-like finish that looks amazing and requires only occasional damp mopping.

With proper maintenance and care, you can extend the life of your polished concrete floors and enjoy many years of use. At Fabric & Tile Masters, we specialize in concrete floor polishing for homes and businesses. Contact us today for professional concrete floor polishing services. Request a free quote online or call us at 904-221-9550 to learn more.

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