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I am the owner and founder of Fabric & Tile Masters and have decades of experience with all of the categories I write about. We refinish stone walls, counter and floors every day.

Marble Floor Polishing Jacksonville

Professional Marble Floor Polishing Services At Fabric & Tile Masters, we offer professional marble floor polishing for Jacksonville residents.  Marble floor polishing is available in two finishes: a honed matte finish or a shiny polished finish. Typically, homeowners request our marble floor polishing services for one of two reasons:     A marble floor has lost its […]

Ponte Vedra Marble Polishing

Do you have marble floors, walls, or tables in need of professional marble polishing? At Fabric & Tile Masters, we specialize in removing scratches and etches from any marble surface to restore it to its original gloss and shine. Our customers are often amazed at the transformation they see when we restore old or worn […]

Atlantic Beach Marble Polishing

After years of use, marble surfaces can appear dull or worn from scratches and daily wear and tear. At Fabric & Tile Masters, we’re proud to help Atlantic Beach residents clean and revitalize worn marble surfaces to make them appear shiny, clean, and like-new again. By using tried and true marble polishing techniques, we’re able […]

Marble Coating Removal Jacksonville

Marble Coating Removal in Jacksonville What Is Marble Coating Removal? Marble coating removal is necessary when topical sealers are applied to natural stone. At Fabric & Tile Masters, we offer professional marble coating removal for Jacksonville residents. We are often asked to apply urethane or acrylic coatings to natural stone. However, we remind clients that […]

Shower Repair Jacksonville, FL

Need Shower Tile Repairs in Jacksonville? Call Fabric & Tile Masters for Immediate Help! Fabric and Tile Masters offers the widest variety of shower cleaning, shower tile repair, and refinishing in North Florida. Our shower repair services includes: Removal and replacement of cracked and missing grout. We use special tools to remove the grout. Removal […]

10 Ways to Add Travertine Stone to Your Home Improvement Projects 

For thousands of years, people have loved the rustic look of travertine. Its long history has made it a classic. Varied texture and a wide range of finishing options have allowed it to evolve with time. If you want light earth tones and natural variation in your home’s stonework, travertine will add the character you’re […]

Marble Restoration in Jacksonville Historic Courthouse

Jacksonville Historic Marble Restoration   This is a historic marble restoration project we completed a few years ago. The courthouse was built in the early 1900’s and has a beautiful marble floor and wall cladding that had never been refinished. The stone was first cut with resin bond diamonds at 120 grit then we used […]

Case Study—Results of our Marble Polishing 5 Years Later

Marble Polishing That Lasts Recently Fabric & Tile Masters had a chance to re-examine a natural stone floor we refinished nearly five years ago. The tiles were travertine that had been installed in a South Ponte Vedra Condominium. Background on the original job: In our professional opinion, the tiles were originally installed in a substandard […]

7 Tips for Cleaning Upholstery and When to Hire a Professional

The internet has created new possibilities for DIY projects and solutions. When they work, they can be great money-savers (if not time-savers). Before you mix up a concoction of cleaners to get rid of that spaghetti sauce stain on your sofa, make sure you’ve taken the necessary precautions. You don’t want your DIY project to […]